About Us

Stageworks was founded in the year 2000 by local Music Teacher Ted Heath and Drama Teacher of Peter Dayson. The school was built on the foundations of both the founders’ core principles of wanting to create a Theatre School that was affordable, that could provide training of the highest quality, and that could provide children with a fantastic opportunity to meet new friends and grow as individuals. I think it is safe to say that after all this time, that mission has been successful.

After many years, Peter made the tough decision to leave and look ahead to advancing his Creative career and has since both written and directed shows and musicals. However, he can still be found watching every show the school performs with as much enthusiasm as the day he started. After several years of being the sole person in charge Ted retired in July 2017, and the mantle was passed on to his nephew, Daniel McPhilimey, who assumed Ownership of Stageworks ready for the new term in September 2017. Daniel has been working at Stageworks since 2013, and quickly fell in love with the environment his predecessors had created.

As is probably obvious by the history of the school, Stageworks prides itself on having a family feel to every aspect. Whether it’s the teachers all being either members of Ted’s family or long time family friends, that some of the pupils start at the age of 4 and stay with us until they leave for University at the age of 18, or that many of our pupil’s parents stay for the duration of their children’s lessons just to have a chat. We are passionate about providing children with an environment in which they feel safe, relaxed and, most importantly, happy.